Bathroom Renovation

Easy Access Bathroom Fitting in Grimsby
Easy Access Bathroom
10th January 2017
Shower room fitting in Grimsby and Louth
Shower Room Fitting
10th January 2017

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom fitting in Grimsby and Louth

The driving motivation behind this project was a persistent leak that the client had been experiencing when using the shower since it was installed. As a result the client called in the showroom and discussed their problem with our team, who arranged a free survey. On inspection we found that the problem was more than just a few loose tiles. It was due to the bath moving and this was causing the tiles to come away and the seal to be broken. Since the problem had been identified we suggested a course to rectify the issues. While we were talking about the issues the client also decide to make some cosmetic upgrades.

Before the renovation

First of all our engineer began by calling to the property approximately one week before we started the installation. This was to remove the loose tiles and give the walls an opportunity dry out due to the water damage. Unfortunately this did leave the client without a shower (the bath was still in useable condition) for about week but was necessary to ensure the problem will not reoccur.

The following week work began by removing the existing mixer shower, floor tiles, bath panel and dispose of them. In addition the shower screen and bath were both removed and cleaned up in preparation to be refitted. Since the bath was being refitted we installed solid timber frame constructed under it to spot it from moving. Following this the new floor tiles were laid and the waterproof wall boarding was installed, the panels have less joins than tiling and are less likely to leak.

In addition after the panels where installed we refitted the bath screen with a new seal and fixings. Also the bath panels where installed at this point. Furthermore some cosmetic improvements where complete next, the copper pipes feeding the heated towel rail where replaced with chrome. Furthermore a new toilet roll holder and towel where fitted. We fitted the bath panels to complete this project.

In conclusion the colour of the panels selected for this renovation offers a contrast to the tiles and makes the shower area a real feature of the room now. To find out how we can help with updating your bathroom contact us on 01472 35 88 90 to arrange a free survey.