14th June 2017

HIB illuminated mirror

For the finishing touches to really make your bathroom stand out HIB answer. From the very best in bathroom mirrors, cabinets, furniture, ventilation and lighting – if you’re seeking the all-important design details to create a truly aspirational bathroom. To see the quality of HIB call in to one of our showrooms in Grimsby or Louth. Our friendly team will help you with the options and make sure you get the right product in the right area. Always important when mixing electricity and water. We also have registered installers to make sure everything is safe and certificated when its fitted. for more details contact us on 01472 35 99 80.
13th June 2017
Burlington Bathrooms

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathroom is a thankless task but one of those jobs that has to get one. The video below has some great tips and tricks to save you some time. There are a few bathroom cleaning products that you need to be very careful when you are using them. Cillit Bang is one cleaner that I have had problems with, it has stripped chrome off taps and waste I have also had it tarnish shower enclosures. If you are going to use it it is imperative that you test a small area first to find out how it will react with your enclosure. Cream cleaners are another to use with caution, these often have a gritty feel to them. While these products are good for cleaning ceramics on when used on chromed items it can mark, scuff and even remove the finish. We will be updating this section regularly so keep checking for more helpful hints.
12th June 2017

Laufen in Grimsby

The quality of Laufen products is well worth the trip to our showroom. The delicate lines Laufen can create with their Saphir Keramik are stunning with there simplicity. When their company LAUFEN was founded in Switzerland in 1892, sanitary conditions were well below today's standards and level of convenience -standards to which LAUFEN, the only sanitary porcelain manufacturer producing exclusively in Europe, contributed. The history of some of the company's production sites goes back even further in time. Around 1878, the pioneer of the mechanized production of sanitary ceramics was a factory belonging to the Austrian monarchy. Not only tradition, but also the well-established situation of the various European manufacturing sites in their home markets of Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic, have helped lay the secure foundations of LAUFEN quality. The aim of LAUFEN back then and also today is to be a leader in technology, service and design. As early as the 1980s, the most efficient injection moulding technology in the field of ceramics processing was invented in Switzerland by LAUFEN, a breakthrough that constituted a lasting contribution to industrial production. Just as important for LAUFEN are the continuing developments in the field of design: Wall mounted toilets and floor-standing washbasins, for instance, have made a new aesthetic possible.
9th June 2017

How to re-seal around your bath, shower or sink

Over time we all know that silicone and grout can discolour, so here are a couple of tips to keep your bathroom sparkling. One of the best products I've found for getting rid of black mould is the HG mould remover. This cleaner is easy to use, just spray it on and let it do its work. There is one small draw back with smell of the cleaner (make sure you have your windows open) but it is worth putting up with for the results. Click on the image to find out more about the HG Mould Remover spray. If the mould is a bit more stubborn then replacing the silicone might be the way to go. I have used a lot of silicone removers over the years and for me they take to long to work and do not remove all of the silicone. This is why I use a stanley knife and a bit of elbow grease. It is important to make sure the surfaces you are resealing are clean and dry, the silicone will come away if the area is moist before you apply it. The following video is an excellent guide for how to reseal around your bath. If you have any bathroom dilemmas, click on our "Ask Al" page and we can help.