28th February 2018

New Novum Displays

There is no place quite like the bathroom for escaping the hustle and bustle, switching off and enjoying some much need "me time". So, why not make it a place of beauty? Combining sleek, contemporary styling and intelligent storage, HIB Novum boasts eleven exquisite bathroom furniture ranges with co-ordinated accessories designed to take your bathroom out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. With their beautiful bathroom ideas and our installation expertise, you can be assured of creating the perfect sanctuary which will set the tone to the beginning and end of your day. This very comprehensive range is designed to suit any bathroom with a wide choice of colours and sizes and sizes and the availability of both the modern look of wall hung or the more traditional floor standing.
22nd February 2018
Definity shower bath

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to adding artificial light we are truly spoilt for choice, but picking the correct lighting for your bathroom can sometimes be more complicated than it looks. Installing too much lighting can be overbearing, but not enough will leave you fumbling around in the dark. Choosing the correct amount, and style, will ensure your bathroom can be used effectively for daily activities as well as create a calming ambiance when needed.
29th December 2017
Walk in shower

Bathroom Inspiration be bold with Colour

Once the dark wooden suites of the Victorian era, and the coloured suites of the 70’s, made way for plain, neutral colours, bathroom décor headed in the same direction. Most bathroom products are primarily made up of creams and whites to create an everyday room that transforms into a tranquil, relaxing area. Throughout this post we are going to explore ways of introducing colour to your neutral bathroom, whether through subtle ideas or bright, bold statements, and without a complete bathroom makeover.
18th December 2017

Where did Taps Come From?

In 1700 BC, Ancient Romans used taps in bathhouses, some were crafted from gold and silver but most were made of lead (there are theories that the lead taps participated in the downfall of the Roman Empire due to poisoning). As taps were not used to wash hands, or used as regularly as they are today, the only major change for centuries was that they were no longer made of lead, but brass instead. Wealthy households may have had them in the kitchen, but ordinary citizens would still gather water from natural sources and use this to drink, wash and clean. It wasn’t until 1847 when physician, Ignaz Semmelwis, noticed that the spread of childbed fever was due to medical personnel’s uncleanliness between procedures. He instigated a strict hand washing policy and deaths dropped by 20 fold in three months.